US Paralympic Athlete. Retired US Navy EOD Officer.

My mission is to empower the pursuit of happiness. By setting a positive example, I intend to inspire others to pursue excellence in every endeavor.

Through my actions, I will illustrate that the path to excellence is through the study and application of the virtues of hard work, humility, and passion…

I submit that progress in the pursuit of excellence is not measured by the end result, but the virtue that is developed in the process. I am convinced this endeavor is the most rewarding path toward ultimate fulfillment and true happiness.

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Brad Snyder Olympic Medal
Brad Snyder Triathlon

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On to Toronto!

Early tomorrow morning Gizzy and I will head to the airport to cram aboard a quick flight to Buffalo, NY.  From there we’ll join my swim coach Brian for a road trip across the border into Canada, on our way to Toronto.  We’re headed for the…

Aircraft Carrier

Thank you for your service!

A friend recently sent me this article:
and asked for my reaction. My response is below…
I have heard similar sentiments from other veterans. While I under…

Alive Day II

I died on September 7th, 2011.  Or, at least a part of me did.  OR maybe it was a version of me, but in a substantial way my life was forever changed.
September 7th was the last day I would ever see the world I live in.  It was the last day I would run…

Snowy Tracks

Christmas Past

The rhythm of swishing windshield wipers lulled me into a sleep like state in the back of a black car headed into DC.  As Gizzy slept in the seat next to me, I allowed my mind to drift off.
The driver of the vehicle, a Muslim immigrant from Pa…

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