Last Christmas


Last year I received a poem from my sister, which sits alone atop the list of my most memorable Christmas gifts!  I meant to post it last year, but I forgot until around mid-January, and by then it seemed out of place to post it.  I’ve waited the entire year for a second chance to showcase my sister’s amazing writing, and the relationship we share!  I hope you get a kick out of her poem below, and I hope that you had a wonderful holiday with  your family as well! I certainly had an amazing holiday, and this Christmas has been one of my favorites for sure!


This Christmas I want to thank you for what you’ve given to me

Through you I’ve learned virtue, perspective, and generosity

I’m more than lucky to have the relationship that I do

With such an inspirational human being, a warrior like you

We share the same eyes, and as far as the rest

I aspire to be like you, and I vow to do my best

You’re a hometown hero, a Paralympian, and a leader

You deserve nothing less than an avid audio book reader

You’re a trailblazer, paving a road you can’t see

But if you feel it with your hand, you know it’s meant to be

You’ve taught me to be a leader, a thinker, a friend

You’ve taught me that possibilities are blind to an end

Even with all my 5 senses, I’ll never know why

But you’ll never stop charging, and neither will I

-Elyse Snyder